Fun places in Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam What to do in Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam? A fair question if you want to visit Amsterdam! And the answer isn’t that easy.. There are tons of options on what to do in Amsterdam. It’s getting a bit colder, so we’ve listed a few things that you can do indoors. This is not your standard list of things to do. You have the famous museums that should be on you list when you visit Amsterdam… 

Visit Magna Plaza

Magna Plaza is a shopping center right behind Dam Square. This building is quite impressive on the outside and once you’re in you won’t be dissapointed either. You can find various stores here. Some local brands and also some international brands, such as Mango and America Today. And there’s something new… They’ve made a food plaza on the upper floor! You can find all sorts of streetfood here. 


What to do in Amsterdam? We’re highlighting another foodhall for you.. This one is located in the Western part of the city and was the first food hall in Amsterdam. This is a very nice area to go to. There’s a foodhall with all sorts of food. At the back you can find a restaurant, de Kanarieclub, where you can hang out. There’s a cinema, there are craftsman shops ├índ the library is located here as well. Next to the Foodhallen there’s a market, the Ten Katemarkt. Though not indoors, it still nice to take a look as they sell lots of various foods. Visiting on Saturday? Try the Taiwanese bubble tea which they sell at the Taiwanese truck. Find more info here.

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