Where do you spot famous people?

famous peopleFamous people in Amsterdam 

Where do you spot famous people in Amsterdam? There’s at least one place in the city where you can do that! We all know that famous people have quite the money to spend.. So there will b a good chance to spot famous people in the most luxurious street in Amsterdam.

The most luxurious street of Amsterdam

The most luxurious street in Amsterdam is called the P. C. Hooftstraat. This is a street filled with luxurious brands that try to lure you in with impressive windows. The street isn’t very long, but you won’t be disappointed of what they have to offer. The P.C. Hooftstraat has been there for many years already. In 1872 it got it’s name. Back then it was a nice area to live in. It wasn’t the shoppingstreet of course!

Spot famous people

You can enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning around the corner of the street (at the Van Baerlestraat). You might bump into famous people there! On this street you can also find some nice bakeries where you can enjoy your breakfast (you can’t sit down, but a croissant to go is just as easy!). The Van Baerlestraat is also a nice street to do some windowshopping. The shops aren’t as good as in the P. C. Hooftstraat though.

The Vondelpark

In the same area you can find the famous parc, Vondelpark. This is a fantastic big parc where you can stick around after walking through the P.C. hooftstraat. This parc is 2.6 miles if you do a full circuit. You can find here a tennis court, a few restaurants and lakes. The parc can get really busy in the Summer! A lot of people in Amsterdam don’t have a garden. So they take every opportunity to sit outside in the sun at the parc. In the evening you will find the Dutchies lighting there barbecues and drinking a few beerts.

The neighbourhood next to the parc is very expensive to live. You have quite a lot of famous Dutch people living here as well! But this area is also known for famous people you probably know. Stick around in this area if you want to take a selfie with famous people!

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