Visit a museum and check out the bling bling when in Amsterdam!

Visit a museum Visit a museum

What to do when you are in Amsterdam? Well, it’s not that difficult to asnwer that question. Next to wandering around, doing some shopping and taking in the nightlife, do visit a museum! This is a nice way of understanding some of Dutch art and culture back in the days. You’ll probably recognize a lot as well as these paintings are enormously famous around the world. Here are 2 museums that you have to visit if you want to ‘meet’ the famous Dutch artists. Our number 3 of this article is a special tip for everybody who likes diamonds (who doesn’t like diamonds?).


Rembrandt is everywhere. Alle over the world, in the Rijksmuseum (in Amsterdam) and of course in the Rembrandthouse itself. Why this is called the Rembrandthouse? Well, because the man himself used to live here! This was his house where he painted a lot of his paintings. He also had a few students in his house that he learned to paint. If you visit his house you’ll see the exact table where he sat on! It’s a very special experience.

Van Gogh Museum

Of course you don’t want to miss out all the famous work made by Van Gogh. You can see a lot of his work in the Van Gogh Museum. This museum is crazy busy these days, especially during the holidays. Be sure to buy a ticket upfront so you can enter the museum real quick. Let the busy crowd demotivate you to come and see all his work. It will be worth the visit!

Gassan diamonds tour

Gassan diamonds is a famous retailer of diamonds. And you can take a tour in Amsterdam to see how they work with diamonds. How do they prepare the stone? What jewellry are they making? See it with your very own eyes.

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