The biggest hotspots in Amsterdam during Summer

Hotspots in Amsterdam hotspots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city to be this Summer. Well, not only this Summer, you can easily spend here some time the whole year round. And with that we mean to look a bit further then the red light district and the city center, which is packed and designed for tourists nowadays. A fun way to discover hotspots in Amsterdam, is to visit festivals during your stay. We’ve already talked about a few festivals with children here. But let’s find out where you have to go if you want to grab some food and drinks!

Vegan Food Festival: 27 – 28 July

Food festivals are hot in Amsterdam at the moment. It’s a  nice way to gather around some of the best foods which are served during a festival. Often combined with surprising drinks and good live music! A fun way to discover something new would be to go to the Vegan Food Festival. This upcoming trend of going vegan has also hit Amsterdam a bit. Maybe you still like your meaty burger from time to time, but this festival does give you the opportunity to try new stuff. They’re very innovative with vegan food! 

TREK Food Festival: 13 – 14 July

Maybe you’re in Amsterdam at this very moment? Then you can visit the TREK Food Festival! At this festival they serve all kinds of foods coming from trucks. Eat banana popsicles, the best beef burgers or pork ribs. It’s all there. 

Street Food Festival: 13 – 14 July

Last but not least in hotspots of Amsterdam: Street food. The food they eat in Asia and South Americas already for decades, European countries have discovered this not so long ago. And some proper street food has arrived in Amsterdam as well. At this festival you can imagine any street food you’ve ever eaten or want to eat. There are Asian stalls, Carribean stalls and even some Dutch stalls serving Dutch food (such as kroketten, a must try). 

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