The best haute cuisine restaurants in Amsterdam


The best haute cuisine restaurants in Amsterdam

restaurantsIf you choose to visit our great and affordable hostel, that means you will have more money to spend on your trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam has lots of delicious restaurants, but if you want a fine dining experience, you should visit one of the Michelin star restaurants. We have made a list of some of the best haute cuisine restaurants in the city. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoy a special dining experience: these restaurants are the absolute best.


The Duchess

In 2018 The Duchess received their first Michelin Star. It is located in the former KAS Bank. The menu is French, and Italian inspired with simple and classic dishes with a modern twist. In this elegant and sophisticated restaurant, you will feel like royalty. We recommend having a delicious cocktail before or after dinner at the majestic marble bar of the restaurant. The Duchess is without a doubt one of the most beautiful restaurants in Amsterdam.

Spuistraat 172 –



Rijks is one of the largest Michelin Star restaurants in the Netherlands. You find Rijks in the Rijksmuseum, a unique location in Amsterdam. Chef Joris Bijdendijk uses old-fashioned Dutch ingredients and prepares them in all their glory. They are inspired by these Dutch ingredients. The young team of Rijks uses not only Dutch flavors, but all international flavors which have influenced Dutch cuisine. If you want to taste the absolute best of the Dutch cuisine, you’ll want to visit Rijks. In 2016 Rijks first received their Michelin star.

Museumstraat 2 –


Ciel Bleu

Ciel Bleu is the restaurant of the Okura Hotel, proud possessor of two Michelin stars. The restaurant is located on the 23rd floor of the building, which gives guest a beautiful view of Amsterdam. Chefs duo Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman offer two international menus with a selection of culinary creations, of course complemented with the best wines. Ciel Bleu might be one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, it’s also the most expensive one. The trimmed to the bone menu, without appetizers, water, wine or coffee, starts at 200 euro per person. This does give you an unforgettable dining experience.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 –



Yamazato is located next to Ciel Bleu. Yamazato is the first traditional Japanese restaurant in Europe to receive a Michelin star. This restaurant focuses on the traditional Japanese cuisine with pure ingredients in minimalistic dishes. The typical Japanese materials used in the restaurant support this traditional experience. It’s a recommendation for everyone who enjoys fine dining and the Japanese kitchen.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 –