Amsterdam Arena as the home stadium of Ajax

Amsterdam Arena as the home stadium of Ajax

Stadium of Ajax: Amsterdam Arena is described as the home stadium of Ajax, which is a recognized Amsterdam football club. Amsterdam is the biggest stadium in Holland and can hold a capacity of 53,000 people. This feature makes it unique in its own way. The arena has new beautiful buildings and is very attractive to the eye. There is something that makes this stadium unique; its roof can close whenever there is inclement weather. This feature makes you enjoy your stay since the game or concert taking place cannot be interrupted by the rain or bad weather.

Pleasant Attractionsstadium of Ajax

In addition to staging of a number of football games, the stadium has hosted well-known artists, including Michael Jackson, U-2, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and many more artists you have wished to see on stage. Also, if you are in Amsterdam and want to be involved in a soccer match or a concert, then the underground metro makes it easier to get to that place. The metro enables you to move from the central station to the arena in just about ten minutes.

A passionate Name for Amsterdam Arena

We are planning to rename Ajax after Johan Cyruff. This decision was to be announced during Cruyff’s birthday but unfortunately, he died in March 2016 after he lost his battle with lung cancer. Had made the best history in the stadium by winning three European Cups when he played with Ajax. The Amsterdam will be changed from Amsterdam Arena to Johan Crujiff Arena. The three giants of Ajax, saw it as a form of justice to Johan Cruff’s memory. This Arena will be an inspiration to other players all over the world.

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