Discovering the advantages of seeing Amsterdam by private taxi

Private taxi tour

Why Choose A Private Taxi Tour?

Private taxi: Everyone knows Amsterdam is a city of cyclists, don’t they? It’s true: Amsterdam is well set up for cycling but this is not an activity that suits everyone. Mobility issues, the weather and lack of time are only three of the issues that might prompt you to consider other means of sightseeing. With a private taxi tour, such as those offered by, you can customise your sightseeing agenda and benefit from your English-speaking driver’s inside knowledge of the city. You’ll also have no need to worry about parking.

Everyone has their favourite sightseeing spots in Amsterdam. However it would be hard to imagine a visit to the city that did not take in the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. A private taxi can transport you and your partner, family or friends seamlessly from one location to another.

Eating And Drinking

Amsterdam’s cuisine can be a bit of a mystery to newcomers. However, you should certainly try stroopwafel, sweet waffles held together by syrup, and, if you’re the adventurous type, Hollandse nieuwe haring, which is raw herring served with diced onions. Don’t forget the city’s bruin cafés, or brown cafés. These traditional pubs are a great place to sample some Dutch beers. Many places also serve food, such as the Dutch-style meatballs known as bitterballen. Taking a private taxi back to your hotel can be the ideal way to round off an evening. 

Relax In The Park

The 120 acre Vongelpark is an Amsterdam institution. With its restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, live theatre and beautiful gardens, in fine weather it’s easy to spend a whole day there. Organising a private taxi to take and collect you can make the day even more relaxing.

See Beyond The City

If time allows, you may wish to extend your sightseeing beyond Amsterdam. Using a private taxi is a comfortable and efficient way to do this. For example, north of the city is Zaanse Schans, famous for its windmills, ditches and dykes. Meanwhile, if you’re visiting in spring, you could take a taxi trip to Keukenhof to marvel at its vast displays of tulips.