Rules and regulations on King’s Day Amsterdam

King’s Day in Amsterdam King's Day

Are you in The Netherlands on King’s Day Amsterdam? Nice! You’ll be up for a nice day to celebrate the King’s birthday together with the Dutchies. This day is a public holiday and you’ll see that everybody is in a celebration mode. This day can be the busiest day of the year! That’s why there are some rules and regulations on that day. There used to be less regulations on King’s Day, but that all changed a few years ago. Every year there were more people in the city and there had to be more rules to keep control.

Alcohol on King’s Day Amsterdam

Don’t sell any alcohol on the streets. You’re probably not planning on doing this as a tourist.. Nevertheless we want to mention it. This is a crime, so be sure not to do this! Also, if you want to drink alcohol, you’re allowed to have one alcoholic drink in your hand. Previous years it was allowed to take as much as you wanted.. But this rule is sharpened to avoid drunk people on the streets.

Markets on King’s Day

If you want to visit a market where people sell second hand clothes and other stuff, be sure to be at the marketplace at 09.00 in the morning in the Vondelpark. That’s when the parc is officialy open for public on King’s Day. Be aware that there are a lot of kids at this market trying to sell there stuff.

Don’t block any entrances of shops or homes, as people try to sell their stuff. It’s also better for the flow of people to not be standing still! This sounds a bit silly maybe, but you’ll see that it’s very nice to have a flow of people moving around on such a busy day!

Car and public transportation

Are you by car? We highly recommend to leave your car on the parking spot. It will be way to busy to drive and most roads are blocked on King’s Day. Public transportation is possible, but it’s more limited than normal. Only a few trams or busses go and they don’t drive all day. Keep this in mind when you visit a place that’s far away from you hotel.

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