Find Out all About Dutch Naval Heritage at Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam

Mariniersmuseum RotterdamDiscover the Life of a Dutch Marine in Rotterdam 

The Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam is the place to go if you have any interest in Dutch naval history, so significant to the rest of the world. Equipment, uniforms, belongings, musical instruments and pictorial records are all on display, covering what is the world’s oldest marine corps. Historical sections include colonial times in the Dutch Indies and the defense of Rotterdam against Nazi invaders in May 1940. It comes right up to date by showing the quite different and difficult situations faced today, such as missions inside Afghanistan. 

Activities For All Ages 

Children will love the interactive displays and can make this a birthday adventure if the date is right, but of course, they will need to be ready for a challenge! Visitors with an appetite for action can also combine a museum tour with packages that include boat trips, boot camps, or following the Battle of the Maasbruggen of May 1940 on foot or by bike. For something more peaceful, discover the cultural side of the marine corps by joining one of their Tamboers en Pijpers musical workshops. 


The citizens of Rotterdam have always felt close to the Marines who are stationed in the city, and who have their barracks and HQ here. Present-day tasks include anti-terrorist work, and they are also trained to board and search ships. A minesweeper sits outside awaiting exploration, and there is a jeep on the second floor. 


You’ll find the Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam near the waterfront of the old harbor, close to traditional Dutch buildings, so this is a pleasant area for a stroll – head for the nearby Maritime Museum to continue the sea theme. Around an hour away from Amsterdam by train, Rotterdam makes an ideal day trip if you’re based in the capital, where a choice of comfortable and reasonably-priced accommodation, such as the centrally-situated Hostel Annemarie, will leave you refreshed and ready to explore amazing Amsterdam!