High end cuisine in Amsterdam

High end cuisine in Amsterdam

High end cuisine: You’ve tried stroop waffles, pancakes, bitterballen amd all of the other amazing varieties of street food on offer in Amsterdam. Now you are looking for a fancy dinner to enjoy with your travelling companions. No problem! Amsterdam is filled with fantastic high end restaurants, serving up the finest in both classic Dutch food and gourmet international cuisine.

A few great restaurants to try when you want a special meal in Amsterdam

High end cuisineWhether you are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday party or any other special occasion, the city’s historic architecture and buzzing atmosphere provide the perfect setting for a meal out. If it’s fusion food you are after, for example, the restaurant kmown as Bedingtons is run by a British chef who uses exciting Japanese influences in her dishes. Zingy Wasabi and complex soy add a kick to her steak and mash dishes. If you would like to sample gourmet Dutch cuisine in a unique way, the eatery called De Kas is a great choice. This restaurant is integrated with a giant greenhouse (or ‘Kas’ in Dutch) where the rich and juicy veggies are grown before they make the short journey to your plate. That is not all, though; other top restaurants in the city include Restaurant Greetje which gives a contemporary twist to classic Dutch food, and Vis aan de Schelde which offers up that timeless pairing of fine wine and seafood in the shell. No matter what your tastes, you will have no trouble sourcing a superb place to have an unforgettable dinner in Amsterdam.

Make the night a success by staying in central accommodation

After you have sated yourself with all that delectable wine and gourmet food, the last thing that you want to do is to spend a long time getting back to your bed for a night of sleep. Staying in central accommodation, such as Hostel Annemarie which is within easy reach of all the restaurants listed above, will help to ensure that your whole evening is a total success.