Festivals for children in Amsterdam

Festivals for children 

Do you have children and want to pay a visit to a few festivals in Amsterdam? That’s great! Amsterdam is the place to be when it comes to festivals for children. We’ve listed a few for you to go to! The days of (techno) parties are gone, but you can still visit a festival that’s ideal for you chidlren. You’ll have a bit of fun yourself as well! The best thing about festivals for children is that it’s during the day. So no over tired children the next day.. Here comes our list:

Hemeltjelief Festival: 21 May

Hemeltjelief Festival is for everybody! The main focus is music, all types of music. It’s an ideal day out for the whole family. This festival is as sustainable as possible. They have very low waist after the festival. 

International Kids Festival: 7 July

International Kids Festival is a must-visit if you want to go to a festival with children. There are DJ’s, activities and good food. Children can also have facial paintings! That will always be a favorite with children. The place is easy accesible and the best option is to come by public transport. If you have a rental car, there’s also a lot of space to park your car. 

Kunst en Kids Festival: 29 September

Kunst en Kids Festival, meaning Art and Kids Festival. This is the ideal way for children to learn more about art. The festival is organised by the Schouwburg in Amstelveen (very close to Amsterdam). This year the subject is Emergency Services. So your child can get dressed as a nurse or a fireman. 

There are also other festivals that you can visit with children. Do be aware that the focus is not on the children, so there can be load music, a lot of lights. Be sure to check this out carefully in advance before taking your kids to the festival. 

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