Experience Amsterdam on a budget

Experience Amsterdam on a budget

Experience Amsterdam: If you have just saved a bit of cash and are wondering what to use it for, a holiday to Amsterdam is the perfect choice. It is so easy to enjoy Amsterdam on a budget, and below you will find a great set of tips about how to ensure that you have a great time in the city without breaking the bank. 

Cheap places to eat

When you are on holiday, you can often feel compelled to eat out at restaurants all the time. That can sap almost all of your holiday cash. So, why not purchase food and snacks from supermarkets instead? Head to one of Amsterdam’s main supermarkets such as Marqt Utrechtsestraat and buy sandwich ingredients, fruit and other meals that you can use to refuel as you sightsee. 

Free museums

Experience Amsterdam on a budgetExperience Amsterdam: Museums in Amsterdam are generally not very expensive, and many of them are free. The Schuttersgalerij, for example, is part of the Amsterdam National Museum and it is free to visit. This gallery is full of amazing historic paintings. If you like modern art, then check out the Droog design studio. The tranquil 14th century courtyard known as the Begijnhof is also free to visit and so is a wonderful place to chill out. Many museums in Amsterdam will have sections that are free to visit and some sections that you have to pay for, so make sure to check this out before you visit. 

Browsing the markets

There are many markets in Amsterdam, for example on weekdays you can visit the Albert Cuyp markt whilst at the weekends the Noordermarkt farmers’ market is available to browse. Browsing the markets can be an experience in itself and there is no need to buy anything at all – just soak up the atmosphere. Moreover, if you head down to somewhere like the Noordermarkt, you can get your whole lunch simply by trying all of the organic samples that the stallholders are proffering. If you do have a bit of cash to spare, though, these markets are a fantastic place to pick up a few souvenirs.

Bike tours

If you do want to see the city, then the most traditional way to do so is by bike. You can go on a guided bike tour quite cheaply, or you can hire a bike yourself and use a guidebook and the web to plan your route. Sailing through the city, along the canals, on two wheels is a fantastic way to see the architecture and the different neighbourhoods. 

Take the ferry instead of a boat tour

Here is a handy life hack for you when you are trying to see Amsterdam on a budget. Boat tours in Amsterdam can be very pricey, but there is one way to enjoy the water without paying too much at all and that is to take the ferry to the LJ. On the ferry, you can see some wonderful views and also have all of the fun of sea travel – without paying for an overpriced ticket. 

Seeing Amsterdam does not have to be expensive

As this guide has demonstrated, you can live life to the full in Amsterdam without ending up out of pocket. With a little careful planning and a few handy holiday hacks, you can have plenty of money left over for souvenirs. So, why not try out the tips above to ensure that you can have a wonderful time in one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the whole world.