Amsterdam – A great place for a cycling get-away

Amsterdam – A great place for a cycling get-away

Cycling get-away: One of the world’s favourite cycling cities, Amsterdam has everything to make your short break a memorable one, including over 850,000 bicycles.

cycling get-awayFancy something a little different for that first few days away with a new date? Whether single, partnered up, or a family group, if you have a few days spare and are wondering how best to spend it, you could do far worse than consider cycling around the picturesque Dutch capital.

At just an hour’s flying time from any UK airport you will spend less time travelling, leaving more time to unwind and enjoy the sights, sounds, and friendly atmosphere as you cycle around this unique European city. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged. With nearly 7,000 buildings dating from the 16th century, 165 canals stretching over 60 miles, over 3,000 canal barges, plus gardens, statues and Amsterdam zoo, you’ll never be short of photographic opportunities as you leisurely pedal from one attraction to another.

Bike Hire in Amsterdam:

Cycling get-away: In Amsterdam people don’t just cycle for a hobby, for the fresh air or to keep fit. It’s a way of life. Almost every area of Amsterdam has dedicated cycle-ways, and where there aren’t, there are cycle lanes where more often than not the cyclist takes priority. 

Hiring your transport is never a problem. All the hotels and guest houses in the city can arrange to have your hired cycles waiting for you if you choose to book accommodation prior to travelling. From granny bikes complete with wicker basket, to mountain or road bikes. Bikes with a child seat at the front, or one with a trailer suitable for two toddlers. All sizes of child and adult bikes, tandems and even tricycles are available. 

If you’re a little more adventurous leave the usual holiday paraphernalia at home. Throw a few essentials into your backpack and head off. On your arrival, booking into somewhere near the centre of town will ensure you can be cycling along the canal towpaths within a few minutes of your arrival.

Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the rules:

In most cases your vendor will supply a leaflet on cycling in the city; or at least run through a few rules of the road with you. For instance, if you’re sharing the road with cars, on roundabouts the cycle has priority rather than the car, but don’t take it as a given. Tuck yourself behind a couple of locals for a few minutes, to pick up the niceties of cycling in Amsterdam. 

Parking your Bike:

Everywhere you go there are dedicated cycle parking areas. The main railway station alone has parking for 10,000 pushbikes. Make sure you use these parking areas when taking a coffee or photo break. Don’t chain your cycle to a tree or lamp post, it will likely be removed and you’ll have to pay a fine to get it back. 

If this is to be your first cycling break, Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie is situated close to the city centre. They will arrange cheap cycle hire through their agents Green Budget Bikes. English speaking staff can answer any questions or queries, and their clean comfortable rooms ensure a good night’s rest. Before waking refreshed to enjoy the next day’s cycling adventure.