Christmas in Amsterdam

It’s starting to look like Christmas in Amsterdam

Christmas definitely is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’s a great period for travelling as well. Will you celebrate the days before or around Christmas in Amsterdam? Then you’re lucky, because our city has a lot to offer during the holiday season in December. Below you can read some examples of activities before and during Christmas in Amsterdam.

Go and try Ice Skating

If it comes to winter sports, the Netherlands are famous for ice skating. In earlier times it was even usual that people travelled to work or to school using ice skates. Nowadays it’s still a common hobby among many Dutchmen. In the season of Christmas in Amsterdam you will find two ice skating tracks in the city. Usually you find these at the squares Museumplein and Leidseplein. The atmosphere and the decorations around these ice skating rinks are fantastic. So even when you are not planning to go ice skating, these place are worth well a visit.

The Amsterdam Light Festival

Every year between the end of November until mid-January the citizens of Amsterdam enjoy this a lot. The Amsterdam Light Festival is a yearly event which is certainly recommended to visit if you stay around Christmas in Amsterdam. The traditional scenery of Amsterdam is shown in a surprising and spectacular way. And it is even worth visiting this festival every year, because often the light techniques get exciting updates.

Christmas Markets

In December you will find several Christmas MarketsChristmas in Amsterdam throughout the city center of Amsterdam. These markets are known for their beautiful setting and special atmosphere. No doubt you will feel a strong Christmas sensation here. Besides, at these markets plenty of special gifts and souvenirs are available. Of course you could enjoy some drinks and bites here as well. This is the best way to experience how the Dutch spend their days before Christmas.

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