Boat trip is a must do!

A boat trip in Amsterdam boat trip Amsterdam

If you think of the Netherlands, you probably think of clogs, tulips and… maybe water! Take a boat trip on the canals! Water has always been an important one when it came to the safety of the Dutch people. As it is a country below sealevel, they had to invent all kind of systems to survive the ocean. Nowadays there are still many leftovers of that time in Amsterdam. The city was actually build on water! And now you can discover this watersystem by yourself by boat. How cool is that?

History of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam they built the canals to defend themselves for intruders, already back in the year 1250. But after they build a citywall, the waterregulations became less important. But those smart Dutchmen found out that the water systems built could be used for trading. And that’s exactly what happend, Amsterdam became the most important harbor for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The canals had a new function.

Hear about the history of Amsterdam

If you will visit Amsterdam, you can still see that the canals are in place. It’s less water than the old days, but you still have 165 canals running through the city! That’s quite a lot, right? You can see how this city was build. And the fun thing is, you can take a boat trip on the canals to discover the history of the city. There are a lot of boat companies offering boat trips. Almost all the boats have a guide on board who can tell you all about the city’s architecture, churches, museums and old houses along the canals.

Choose the boat trip that suits you best

Amsterdam has a lot of companies offering boat tours. Just by walking through the city center you will find a lot. You can have a trip for 2 hours for instance. Or an actual hop on hop off boat! They bring you to all the must sees spread around Amsterdam. Looking to have dinner on a boat? Even that’s possible with some tour companies. As there’s a lot of competetion going on in the world of the Amsterdam canal tours, be sure to pick one up front which suits your wishes best. And also be aware it can get quite busy during high season! Buying a ticket in advance is the best thing to do. Bon voyage!

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