Amsterdam with the most beautiful view of Traditional Dutch Rooftops

Traditional Dutch Rooftops you must see in AmsterdamTraditional Dutch Rooftops

Amsterdam, the city of Angels! Oh, no wait, that is Los Angeles. So what is Amsterdam? Well, according to us it is the city of great views,Traditional Dutch Rooftops from above. You can see the picturesque little rooftops, mostly in earthy colors like orange and brown. 

When in Amsterdam there is so incredibly much that you can do, but one thing you must put un your ‘to do list’ is trying seeing Amsterdam views from above and visit beautiful traditional Dutch rooftops! I mean, can you really enjoy a city without really getting a local experience and seeing all the views and hues the city has to offer? And what is a better way to get a true local experience than to fully understand the Dutch traditional architecture by checking old school houses with colorful rooftops. 
So let’s get started. Here are 3 places where you can have the best city views! 

The W Lounge 


The W Lounge can be found at the Spuistraat 175. It is the rooftop lounge of the well known 5 star hotel The W. The Lounge is available for both inside and outside guests. There is not a strict dresscode on a average day but just make sure you look decent enough to enter the lounge. The lounge offers an amazing view of typical Dutch rooftops. You will see all the city rooftops in all their orange glory. Oh, and there is an infinity pool so you can even enjoy the views from the pool. With a cocktail in your hand. Does it get any better than that? 


Floor 17 can be found at the Staalmeesterslaan 410 and is the skybar of the Apollo Hotel. This stunning skybar is beautifully decorated both inside as outside and the views are beyond amazing. What is fun about this one is that you have views of old traditional Amsterdam houses and new houses and industrial buildings. This way you can compare the old traditional rooftops with the new modern ones. 

A’dam Lookout 

A’dam Lookout (Overhoeksplein 5) is such an amazing place to visit. Here you can find the ‘Amsterdam Swing’ where you can swing along over the waters while enjoying the majestic view of the Amsterdam city with all her colorful rooftops. Not a fan of swinging, order a drink and just chill in their Panorama Restaurant and Rooftop Bar.They also have a 360 degree SkyDeck so you can see the entire city with just a walk around the venue! 

And after all those amazing views you must have a place to crash, relax and recharge for your next sightseeingday! Check out hostel Annemarie for an affordable stay in the city of amazing Dutch traditional rooftops!