Amsterdam Museums

Amsterdam Museums

Museums: Amsterdam is a great place to visit. It is full of entertainment, good restaurants, and sights to see. It is also a city that is rich with history and culture, as witnessed by the wonderful museums in the city.

Van Gogh Museum:

If you are even remotely interested in art, this museum is a must-visit. It contains the largest collection of the masterpieces of Van Gogh and offers a minefield of information about the man himself.


The Rijksmuseum contains the largest collection of arts and historical objects in The Netherlands. It also has a nineteenth century photograph exhibition showcasing a vast number of old photos.Museums

Anne Frank Museum:

The Anne Frank Museum is located in the house where she hid during the Nazi invasion. The house has been kept in the same condition and objects from Anne’s life are also displayed.

Heritage Amsterdam:

This museum is a branch of the Russian Heritage museum and follows the history of the relationship between Russia and Netherlands. It also offers a peek into the history of the building in which it is established.

Diamond Museum Amsterdam:

This one is dedicated to the shiny baubles so fascinating to human beings. The history and science of diamonds is explored and there is a huge collection of fine diamond jewellery as well.

Bijbels Museum:

If you are the religious type, don’t miss out on visiting the Bijbels Museum. The exhibits include a large number of Bibles and different religious artefacts from the history of Christianity.

Amsterdam Pipe Museum:

Smoking has a history, and this museum explores it in detail with more than 2,000 related objects used over the last 25 centuries.

Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam:

As the name indicates, this is a museum in which all kinds of photographic material are displayed.

It doesn’t matter what you enjoy – there is a museum in Amsterdam to suit your tastes. For an affordable trip, you can stay at Hostel Annemarie in Downtown Amsterdam, located close to most of the museums.