Amsterdam: Europe’s Leading City of Culture

Amsterdam: Europe’s Leading City of Culture

See the Sights Dutch Style

Europe’s Leading City of Culture: But as spellbinding as they are, these waterways represent much more than just a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening. Throughout the 17th century they played an instrumental role in the city’s defense and transport of goods, and each tour takes in the incredible architecture that lines the canal belt, making it an experience as enlightening as it is enjoyable. Another great way to get around is to hop on a bike. Just about everyone in Amsterdam cycles, and rentals are cheap, so why not join in and get where you’re going like one of the locals?

Europe’s Leading City of Culture

Museums and Flower Markets Aplenty

Tulips are, of course, synonymous with Holland, and just a short bus ride from Amsterdam’s airport is the breathtaking flower park, Keukenhof. The seasonal blooms have to be seen to be believed, but for anyone visiting outside of Tulip season, no need to worry: you’ll be able to find amazing flowers all year round. The Bloemenmarkt, for instance, is a series of flower stalls moored on the canal, and, as such, is quite unlike anything else. Also, The Amsterdam Tulip Museum has exhibitions whatever the weather. In fact, there’s no shortage of great museums in the city: from the Rembrandt House Museum to the Van Gogh Museum, if, you know, world famous art happens to be your thing…

Shopping and Parks To Ease The Day Away

For some of the best shopping in town why not try De Negen Straatjes or ‘The Nine Streets’? Somewhat off the beaten track, this is collection of beautiful cobbled lanes that connect the main canals between Leidsegracht and Raadhuisstraat. Here, visitors can find an incredible range of boutiques, vintage and specialty stores selling everything you can imagine, from designer clothing to authentic souvenirs. Afterwards, the Vondelpark is the perfect place to relax: a 47 acre park close to the city centre that houses an outdoor theatre, several bars and a restaurant. And if it’s low cost, comfortable accommodation you’re looking for, the Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie is just the place for you…