Activities for a hot summer in Amsterdam

Summer in Amsterdam summer in amsterdam

When you have planned your trip to Amsterdam, it’s always good to check the weather in advance. It can be cold, rainy and it can be steaming hot nowadays! So what to do when you spend a hot summer in Amsterdam? We’ve listed a few things to do that will keep you cool. For some activities you’d even need a jacket..

Ice bar in Amsterdam

The Ice bar in Amsterdam is located in the city center. This bar is ideal if you can use some cooling! This bar is completely made out of ice. They serve you supercold drinks and it’s a fun surrounding to hang out with friends.

A day at the park

Amsterdam has a lot of parks in the city. Most of them not located in the city center, but nevertheless worth a visit to cool down a bit. Visit the Westerpark if you look for a place with water. This park is stretched out and you can walk it from one side to the other. It will take you about half an hour! You can also visit the most famous parc in Amsterdam, that’s the Vondelpark. This park is in the city center and it’s the biggest of all. Bear in mind that it can get very crowdy on a hot day! A lot of local people will sit here because it’s too hot in their houses.

Beach vibes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a beach. Not the kind of beach with salty water, but a beach located at a big lake (Ijsselmeer). This beach is quite big and you can relax here in the sand or on the terrace of one of the restaurants on the beach. There’s a chill vibe on this beach. Keep in mind that the beach is not the perfect place to cool down, but it’s a fun activity if you want to take a dive into the water every now and then to cool down a bit.

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